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Importance of Medication Adherence

Mr . Mann falls ill with malaria. He visits his healthcare professional and is given anti-malarial drugs with the appropriate advice on how to use the drugs for three days. He goes home and takes his drugs as instructed the first day. However, on the second day he takes the morning dose and by midday actually feeling much better, decides to stop taking the drugs altogether.

Two weeks later, he begins to feel ill again and returns to his doctor who, because there are not many drugs currently available for the treatment of malaria, prescribes the same drugs for him again with the same instructions. He obtains the drugs from the Pharmacy, goes home and, as at the first, takes his drugs as instructed on the first day. The second day he feels stronger and again dumps his drug.




FUOYE Sport Fiesta

The second semester sport fiesta came out in another dimension as both indoor and outdoor games were introduced for the first time in the history of the university.

The games included: Chess, Scrabble, Draft, Table Tennis, Football, and Country Race. In the beginning, the convener, Mr. J.O. Ogundele, Assistant Coach of the University, addressed both students and members of staff present. He announced that the games were organized in order to foster good relationship between staff and students of the University.